Kikki.K Planner

Kikki.K Planner

9 organised people out of 10

If you see me, chances are my planner isn’t far behind. I love this thing like it’s my first-born. And if you’re someone, like me, who prefers to physically write notes and reminders instead of tapping them into your phone, then I dare say you’ll love it too.

There’s a spot for everything! You’ve got your pen holder, you’ve got your to-do list at the front, you’ve got your to-do list at the back. Do I dare go on? There’s a spot to slip in extra papers, there’s cardholders, there’s a calendar that starts whenever you want it to. What else? Glad you asked! There’s seven, count them out, SEVEN dividers for you to divide up your life AND if you need organising even more, there’s stickers to help with that. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.

My only gripe with the most beautiful store in the world, Kikki.K, is please include a calendar that is day to a page or week to a page for the little old A6-ers. Monthly spreads are far too hard for me to write in my many appointments. I’m a busy girl. That would make me so happy. Thankyou in advance!

If you didn’t think this thing could get any better it even comes in different sizes! I have the classic A6 size, which is heaven because it fits nicely into my handbag so I can take it everywhere. My sister, who is a bigger stationary and organisation freak than me, has two! She started out with the A5 size then added an A6 to the collection.

So if you know someone who likes to spend their spare time looking at and stroking new stationary OR if you know someone who needs to get their life in order, I very much recommend a planner. Take a look for yourself here!

You know how people say “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”? Obviously those people never had this planner.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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