Family Feud Board Game

Family Feud Board Game

8 little Grant Denyer’s out of 10

My family is board game mad. A few of our favs include Articulate, Killer Bunnies and Settlers of Catan. So when a friend gave me Family Feud as a gift I thought, “oh this is a bit too mainstream for me to enjoy.” How wrong I was.

I debuted it at a weekend extended family getaway and that’s pretty much what we did for the majority of our time. In fact, here’s a little tip, even when we weren’t playing a full team vs. team game, we were just picking out cards and playing as an all in. We were all very impressed with what we thought would be a dud of game.

Family Feud

Here’s handy little tip two! If numbers permit (or you have that one person who always says they don’t want to play but always end up yelling out answers *cough* my nan *cough*) have someone as “the audience”. As seen on the show, the audience is a pivotal indicator of whether your answer is shit or not. My nan was great at the role of audience. You’d say your answer, look over and see Nan giving a sour, disappointed shake of the head and you just knew you were in for the big red cross.

Now we’re at handy little tip number three! You need the most avid watcher of Family Feud to be the host. Only they will truly embrace what it is to be Grant Denyer. Think Denyer. Act Denyer. Be Denyer. And if you are the host, never forget, you’re the host and you get final say. There have been many arguments over whether an answer should have been allowed because it was similar to an answer on the board. As the host you do get abused, well you do with my family and friends. But just ask yourself, what would Denyer do? Regardless of the size of him, you don’t see anyone mouthing off the Grant like they do when I’m host!

Family Feud Board game

Which now brings us to why we introduced “sassy points” and feel free to steal this by the way. Sassy points began one fateful night. It was late. I was hosting. My sister said “water”. Big red cross. My auntie said waves. 15 points. A sly comment of “Water is waves” slipped out and the fighting began. I was scared. Nan was shaking her head. They turned on me. I started shaking. Suddenly! The power of the Denyer overcame me. I stood up and yelled, “10 points off for back chatting”. My sister arked up. “Another 10 for sass”. The fighting stopped and the room fell silent. We continued with the round but we knew that with the invention of “sassy points” our Family Feud lives had changed forever. But seriously they have proved very useful when you feel like you’re losing control of your contestants.

Besides the inevitable quarrelling that really comes with every competitive board game, Family Feud should not just be picked up in K-mart, shown to a friend with a sarcastic remark and put back down again. Give it chance… for Denyer.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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