The Tucker List

The Tucker List

The Tucker List is my list of movies that I am always, ALWAYS down to watch. So named because when I first watched John Tucker Must Die I remember thinking half way through it “I already want to watch this again” and sure enough as soon as it was over I re-watched it. The ten movies on the list aren’t all ground breaking, life changers but they’re perfect for when you want to chuck something on that you know you’ll like.

So in no particular order, my Tucker List:


  1. Mamma Mia!

Meryl Streep. Beautiful Greek island. ABBA music. You can’t lose! I could watch this movie every day but I limit myself to only once every two months as after watching I can’t stop singing and listening to ABBA music. Look, I’ll admit that not everyone in this movie is the best singer in the world but my god do they hook in and give it a red-hot crack! Mamma Mia is colourful and energetic and I can’t wait to see it on stage one day!


  1. Oceans Eleven

This is the only movie that I’ve watched the whole way through with the director commentary on. That’s how much I love it. Granted, it did take me and my small brain a few goes to completely understand how it was all orchestrated but we got there in the end. So now I don’t have to concentrate as much on the story line and I kick back and appreciate the witty banter and George Clooney’s face. I still haven’t seen the original but if it’s anything like this one I’m an idiot for leaving it this long.


  1. Crazy, Stupid, Love

I think this is the best “Love Actually” style movie that has come out of America (not pointing any fingers…. *cough* the trash that was Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve). It’s that style but on a mini scale. Not as many story lines but just as much humour and heart. Why aren’t Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone a real life couple? Damn you Eva Mendes and the inevitably gorgeous kids you and Gosling produce!


  1. Troy

No word of a lie there was a stage when I was in year 9 that I watched this movie once a day for a good few months. My sister and I would text each other quotes at school and get so keen to come home and watch it. It was a weird obsession. If you don’t invest too heavily into the fact that the story has been changed here and there for the big screen this is such a great movie. I can picture so many people I know currently shaking their heads telling me how shit it is but I don’t care. You get to see Brad Pitt’s bum!


  1. Saving Mr. Banks

I have a moment silence every now and then to reflect on the fact that Saving Mr. Banks did not win all the Oscars in its year. This movie took the best part of Mary Poppins (the music) and added my main men Tom Hanks and Colin Farrell. Emma Thompson as a cranky old bitch is incredible and if you disagree you’re wrong. Simple as that. Just writing about it now is making me want to watch it again. The music. The funny quips. The emotional rollercoaster of a story. It’s all just so perfect! I laugh, cry and sing all the way through!


  1. Chicago

In case you can’t tell I’m a fan of the ol’ musical and Chicago is an absolute cracker! It’s jazzy and vibrant and even has a good story line. Will she or won’t she hang? I use to have a theory that in every musical there is a bad song that you fast forward through but Chicago kinda ruined that for me by being just too damn good! Especially when you’re watching it not just listening to the sound track. It’s interesting to see how each musical number is being played out verse what is happening in the story line.


  1. Kingsman

If you saw the trailer and decided this movie would be shit, I don’t blame you BUT it’s actually fantastic! As mentioned through out the whole script, it isn’t your typical spy flick and you should remember that when watching! Taron Egerton’s a babe, Colin Firth is full of surprises (doing majority of his own stunts) and Samuel L Jackson has a lisp! Need I say more? But I should warn you there is a stand out scene that no matter how much you want to cover your eyes you just can’t look away.


  1. The King’s Speech

Another Colin Firth movie! This is all coincidence I swear, I’m not obsessed with Colin. The King’s Speech is a movie that I think you either love or you hate. I (obviously) love it! No matter how many times I watch it, I’m glued to the screen praying that Colin will over come his speech impediment and win the hearts of his nation? Needless to say the acting is incredible! Is it possible for Colin to win an Oscar for the best role ever?


  1. Snatch

For years my Dad kept trying to make me watch Guy Ritchie’s Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and I kept refusing thinking they were going to be boring, violent dude flicks (not to mention I have a fear of gypsies/pykies). I love movies with intertwining plot lines that meet up and affect each other and Snatch has done it brilliantly. A huge honorable mention goes to Brad Pitt as an Irish pykie. He steals the show for me.


  1. Eddie the Eagle

This is a new edition to the list! I remember when Eddie the Eagle came out in cinemas, I saw the poster and thought “bloody hell Jackman, what’s become of you”. But luckily last week as I was stalking Taron Egerton’s Wikipedia page I saw he was the title role and decided to give it a crack. Just like a book and its cover, don’t judge a movie but its poster. The best way to describe Eddie the Eagle is fun! It’s a cute story, with entertaining characters, beautiful scenery and playful music. As always Hugh Jackman nails it but Taron Egerton is so brilliant as the title character. Look up a picture of the real Eddie after the movie, the likeness is uncanny.


What’s on your Tucker List?

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