11 Ways to Handle the Travel Hype!

11 Ways to Handle the Travel Hype!

Remember in primary school the night before going on a camp, you’d stay up all night way too excited to sleep. The thought of all those yummy pre-made lunchmeat sandwiches and the wonder of whose cabin you’ll be in was just too much for your little brain to handle.

Well, if you’ve never been, going on a Topdeck tour is pretty much the same. Except you’re not going two hours down the road for 3 nights, there’s a dash more alcohol thrown in and unfortunately for older you it won’t just be one night of excitement, it’ll start the moment you hit “Book Now”. But don’t freak out because here are 11 ways to handle the hype leading up to your tour!

1. Jump For Joy (Exercise)

Jump! Just keep jumping until you can’t take it anymore. Not only will that keep you preoccupied for a while but also it will build up some fine looking calf muscles and maybe lose a few jingly bits! Speaking from experience you are going to want to head overseas a few kilos lighter than normal. You will consume a lot of new and interesting foods and you will consume a lot of alcohol. Hot tip! Don’t eat naughty foods on the bus. Opt for fruits!

barney get psyched mix

2. Make a Killer Playlist

There is going to be a lot of boring travel between places and you’ll be needing a killer playlist to keep you entertained. Plus it’s a great ongoing task to work on leading up to your trip.

3. Save Those Pennies

Duh! No pennies. No fun. But seriously, start saving before you’ve even decided where you’re going. It’ll make the trip a lot easier.

excited text

4. Message Your Travel Buddy Daily 

“Just checking in. How was your day? Oh My God! In a few months we’ll be on a trip of a lifetime!!!! What’s for dinner?”

5. Do Your Research 

If you’re traveling to places that you haven’t done a bit of research on then you’re asking for trouble and disappointment. You may accidently insult a local or get yourself in a tight spot of not having the right currency. Not to mention all the missed opportunities of must-see sights!

dog pack

6. Do a Practice Pack 

People often laugh at me for this one but I’ll be the one laughing when I have the optimum wardrobe for traveling, I haven’t forgotten anything and there is no wasted space. Smart!

7. Stalk People on Your Trip 

Thank god for those trip forums and Facebook pages hey! Without those, how will you know who’s going to be on your trip? Once people start commenting you can start sussing them all out!

Goodbye old cat

8. Say Extra Long Goodbyes to the Elderly 

I don’t have to spell this out for you. When I went on my 2 month Europe trip I made sure I said a big goodbye to my 19-year-old cat Ginger. (Luckily she didn’t cark it while I was away!)

9. Get Your Beauty Under Control 

Go get your hairs did. Get those nails done. Rid you body of unwanted hairs. If you’re heading somewhere sunny maybe a tan will be needed? Just get those little things under control before you’re stuck running around trying to explain that your roots are out of control to someone who doesn’t speak your language.

Bridesmaids Flight

10. Try and Forget About the Flight 

Yes. If you are a bad flyer like me, there will always be that dooming feeling in the back of your mind reminding you that to go on the most amazing trip of your life you have to step onto a flying death trap!

11. Catch up With Friends 

This one is a no brainer! Make time to catch up with your friends before you go and take down any souvenir orders they might have because you are going overseas and getting hella cultured. They are staying at their boring jobs in their boring towns.

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