The “Fluffiest” Pancake Recipe

The “Fluffiest” Pancake Recipe


8 fat stacks out of 10


 [Let’s get this out of the way before we start shall we? Yes! I am aware that my berries in the photos are frozen. I was made aware once I’d finished taking about 100 photos and Mum walked in and said “there’s some frost on your berries”. I was made aware again when Mum ate her ice cream off the top then put the rest in the microwave so she could actually put the fork through the strawberry. And I was made aware once more when multiple people pointed it out to me at a party later that night. Right. Let’s begin.]


Are you like me and in a constant struggle between your love of eating and your hate of cooking?

My sweet tooth won the battle when I came across a post on World of Wanderlust claiming to have the fluffiest pancake recipe. Well, I’ll be the judge of that! This post spoke to me on the level of pancakes and on the level of how easy the recipe was.

With a simple and easy looking recipe I decided to give it a whirl while I was visiting back home. I got my ingredients and toppings and followed the instructions like it was the law and yet, I still managed to bugger up and had to go running to Mum for help. After whisking for my country and there still being lumps I ran in to the lounge room to show Mum and this is how our convo went:


Mum: You didn’t melt the butter?

Me: Yes I did!

Mum: Oh. Well you didn’t melt it well enough. It’ll be right. There’ll just be air bubbles when they’re cooked.

Dad: What a tool. Can’t even melt butter in a microwave.


Thanks for the never ending support Dad.

Anyway, it was cooking time and unfortunately I didn’t take in to account our house having the most wildly unpredictable hot plates in the world. But alas, I overcame the hurdle and managed to cook up four beautiful, slightly burnt – very burnt pancakes. I topped to perfection and was so proud of myself I took photos from every angle and which way until they were cold.



If you do try this recipe, it makes four enormous pancakes! One pancake per person is a good indicator when plating up.

So what do you get when you cross a great recipe, the world’s shittest hot plates and a below average butter melter-er? Some pretty fluffy pancakes!

But hey, that’s just my opinion.


Wanna try the recipe yourself? Link here

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