Games of Thrones Catch Up!

Games of Thrones Catch Up!


*SPOILERS* Just in case you haven’t realised, there’s going to be spoilers in this!


Who’s ready for tomorrow?! I’m extra keen because I only jumped on the GoT train last year and smashed through the 6 seasons in about a month. It was a very emotional month. Especially when I thought “The Red Wedding” was when Joffrey carked it so I stayed up till 2am to watch that episode and my world came crashing down. Anyway, so much has happened since then! And on the eve of another series starting I thought I’d better get people ready with a quick recap of what everyone is up to!


Disclaimer: The last time I watched season 6 was a year ago so you may need to also consult a more trusted and researched site.


Well then, let’s start with the most important character, Brienne of Tarth. She’s doing well I’m pleased to report. Her and Pod are hanging out saving the day wherever they go. I’m sure Pod is starting to develop feelings for her because of course who wouldn’t. From memory Jamie Lannister still thinks about and pines for Brienne all the time.


On to the next bad bitch, Cersei Lannister. I tell you what, you don’t ever want to get on the bad side of Cers and cut off her mane and make her walk nakey down streets chanting “shame”! She will blow you up. Unfortunately her beautiful locks are still taking their time growing back but she has started wearing more bad bitch clothing to accompany the new do.


The Battle of the Bastards happened! And that little Stark whose name I don’t think anyone knew got shot down which was sad. RIP little Stark. Luckily Jon Snow avenged his death by winning the battle! But I have a feeling his battling days aren’t over. That’s just a little hunch. Long live the King of the North. So Ramsay Bolton, the craziest freak you’ve ever seen lost and I’m pretty sure Sansa fed him to Reek, or the dogs. Either or. He’s presumably dead.


When we last left Daenerys she was looking fierce on a boat making her way over the Westeros. Finally!! I believe she left Tyrion and Lord Varys at the other place to develop their bromance a little more. Hopefully Tyrion can finally find love with someone who isn’t sleeping with his Dad. RIP Daddy Lannister. Lord knows where that stone man Jorah is, probably still more worried about his love for Danny than the fact that’s he’s turning into a monster.


Moving on to Arya. Thank god she got out of Bravos and we can finally move on from that faceless person story line because that was getting almost as boring as bloody Brandon Stark and his three eyed raven bullshit. RIP Hodor. I think the last time we saw Arya she was feeding old mate his children before slitting his throat as revenge for The Red Wedding. Good girl Arya.


Who else have we got? Sam and Gilly! I think they’re just enjoying being parents at the moment. Getting use to having a third mouth the feed and what not. Or maybe Sam returned to the wall and is now the head of the Nights Watch. Don’t quote me on that last part.

The Hound is still being a rebel. But he’s now overcome his bachelor lifestyle and has joined a group of rebels. Which is nice for The Hound.


The weirdo Lord Baelish is up to no good as per usual. He’s after Sansa just as hard as he is after the iron throne. Also, Im pretty sure I remember him not cheering and ya-hooing when Jon became King of the North. Rude.


You know who else is up to no good? Those bloody White Walkers! They’re hanging around causing trouble. (Didn’t one touch Bran or something? I don’t really care if that kills Bran, he needs to go, but that’s still wild if it touched him.) I’m not sure if this is right, but I reckon winter might be on its way!


RIP Ned Stark.

RIP Talisa and Rob Stark.

RIP Osha.

RIP Margaery (I think).

I also can’t remember if you’re dead or not but RIP Olenna Tyrell just in case. If you are still kicking, can’t wait to see what sass you bring this season!

And as always, RIP Ygritte.


Well I’m sure that’s helped greatly in bringing you up to speed! Good luck tomorrow and may the odds be ever in your favour. (I think that’s applicable here)


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