David Attenborough

David Attenborough


3 spotlight hogs out of 10


Some people have pointed out to me that most of my reviews are positive ones/have high ratings so I thought I’d better even it up a bit with a poor rating. Hmmmm what is something, besides corn, that I strongly dislike? How about old David “Spotlight Hog” Attenborough!


Obviously I don’t know the bloke so this isn’t a dig at his personality but seriously David, you’re so old. It’s time to retire. Give someone else a go yeah?


Before you all start hurling abuse at me, I must admit I respect the guy. Imagine being that old and decrepit and still out there working. And I guess he has done a lot of good for the animal documentary world. Still though, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Words to live by Attenborough.


Now to be fair, I’m not much of a wildlife doco person but we’ve all seen Snoop Dog narrating that lizard thing trying to get away from the snake and I would definitely jump on board if the documentaries were more like that and less of the same raspy voice speaking in rollercoaster sentences.


Trump stood aside for Arnie, Marc Fennell stood aside for me (eventually I can only hope) and one day, yes even the Queen of England will stand aside for Prince Charles. Everyone does it. Everyone except for of course bloody Attenborough. I can’t even tell you who will rise up next because David has such a hold on this market that no one is even allowed to get a sniff of the good life before he comes striding over and steals your narration.


I would have given him a few more points if it weren’t for the unjustly renaming of “Boaty Mc Boat Face” to “Sir David Attenborough”. What a joke. Why ask the public for their opinion if you’re just going to ignore it and name it after a wrinkly old man?


Isn’t it odd how people go mad about Woolworths and Coles having a duopoly in Australia and yet no one seems to mind that Attenborough has the monopoly of animal docos. Something to think about…


But hey, that’s just my opinion.


Image via The Independant

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