The Office (US) Characters Ranked

The Office (US) Characters Ranked


I know I’m a bit late to the party on this but I’ve only just watched The Office this year. Of course I’m talking about the US version. I tried watching the UK one….. once. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the worst to the best main characters!

If anyone is thinking “but wait, Gabe has a pretty big part! Shouldn’t he be on this list?” No. No he shouldn’t. Gabe is the worst.



  1. Erin

Again, Gabe is the worst and anyone who can even consider dating him ultimately becomes second worst. I’m not a big fan of the Erin character her naivety gets a bit old after a while.


  1. Ryan

Ergh! I understand that you’re not really supposed to like the character but god he makes my blood boil.



  1. Andy

Don’t get me wrong, I love breaking out into song at any given moment but this bloke is just too much.



  1. Kevin

Kevin makes me ill. The voice. The face. That time he dropped his big pot of chili and tried scooping it up with a clipboard. Disgusting human.



  1. Phylis

The female Kevin… but also a nasty piece of work.



  1. Jim

Jim is one of the normal ones, which makes him a good character but not a weird, unique person like the others.



  1. Pam

Ditto Jim’s thing.


  1. Darryl

I don’t like Darryl in the later seasons but early Darryl is the man.


  1. Oscar

Although he’s a pretentious wanker sometimes, I just have a soft spot for dear old Oscar.



  1. Stanley

The token sass queen! Stanley’s passion for not doing work inspires me every day.



  1. Angela

I can relate to Angela on a cat level. She has some great one-liners.



  1. Kelly

Everyone knows a Kelly! Any more of her and people would hate it, any less and people would riot. I’m disappointed that she chose Ryan, but they do deserve each other.



  1. Toby

You always feel so sorry for Toby but I live for the moments when him and Michael cross paths.



  1. Dwight

Without Dwight this show would be nothing.



  1. Michael

Although the show was ok when Michael left it just wasn’t the same. Michael is one of those characters that you love to watch the train wreck that is their life.



  1. Mose

Even when Mose is not on the screen and just in Dwight’s conversation, it’s hilarious.



  1. Creed

Creed is the king! At the start I didn’t think much of him but as the seasons went on he just got better and better. I loved it when you’d get a little Creed gem in the episode.


But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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