Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Words and image by Ashleigh Jolley.


I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. Yep. I said it. Count me in with the haters if you want, but I stand by my words.


Now before I begin, I would like to point out that I have never met T-Swizzle so she might be the loveliest person on earth (doubt it) and am not an expert in music. However, as an avid music listener (can’t go very long without getting my Spotify on) and a strong supporter of the music industry and artists within, I feel I have enough amateur experience to have an opinion.


Some songs I can applaud her on. The absolute classics Love Story and You Belong With Me will forever be cherished by my younger self. I still cheer and turn the volume up on those bangers. But beyond those classics, it’s hard to enjoy any of her songs as more than just catchy pop songs you hear on the radio sometimes.


I am 100% for artist growth and development, in fact I encourage it. But Taylor Swift has come a long way from the country darling she started her career as and somewhere along the road she took an awkward turn. I get the impression that she does not give two shits about the music anymore, as she once did. Pop is an easier genre in which to make a whole lotta money and get awards. And we all know that Tay Tay is all about dat schmoney.


She highly overestimates the shit people give about her, dedicating her albums, songs and merchandise to her haters. She also grossly exploits her fans into buying merchandise. Google ‘Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Scam’ if you don’t know what I’m talking about.


Her popularity is so great not because of her talent, but because of her marketing tactics. She’s a marketing genius. Didn’t she try to trademark some of her song lyrics? As if she was the first person in the world to ever say those words together? Ugh.


A very clear and cringeworthy example of what I’m talking about is Bad Blood, the song and music video. If you listen to the lyrics, you realise they’re just the same old generic bullshit thrown over a mediocre composition. And the MUSIC VIDEO! Don’t even get me started. The whole time you’re just watching some randoms “prepare” for a “big fight” which NEVER EVEN HAPPENS. It’s uneventful, awkward and boring. Am I supposed to be impressed? Who are most of these people? Are you just trying to show off how everyone bows down and does whatever you want? Her only concern is looking hot and showing off her brand, whilst performing a million unnecessary costume changes. I’m so damn sick of women making music videos just for the purpose of looking as hot as possible. And this was no exception. Please make something engaging.


I know you’re probably thinking “There’s probably a million other musicians out there who do the exact same thing as Taylor! Why are you ragging on her so much!” And unfortunately you’re right. There’s many artists out there that are undeservingly famous. But I don’t have time to talk about all of them. So I chose Taylor Swift and trust me when I say, she is one of the main offenders.


So I implore you, if you’re a fan of Taylor swift, please don’t let her corrupt you and take all your money. Just enjoy her music without emptying your wallet for her.


Chill Tay Tay. For god’s sake…just chill.

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