19 Things I’ve Learnt Since Moving to Manchester…

19 Things I’ve Learnt Since Moving to Manchester…

Everyone’s obsessed with Prosecco


Everyone’s obsessed with gin

Again, everyone.

Everyone loves a sesh

It’s not a real night out unless you get home while your housemate has already gone off to work. And they do it at least once a week!

Everything smells like weed… all the time

Sometimes I am just sitting in my room with my window open and will get hit with a stench of weed. But that may just be the area I’m living in.

“Alright?” is the equivalent of “How’s it going?”

I’ve been here for 6 months and still don’t know how to reply to “Alright?”

I once said, “Hi, how’s it going?” to a lady at work and she replied with “Only people from the southern hemisphere say that”

“Why’d you come here?” is a question I get asked daily

Literally, at least a day

I offered someone a mandarin and they asked why I offered them a language

We were just as confused as each other. They have clementines

They call work rosters rotas

Some others I’ve been stumped on is when I needed a Band Aid or when I said, “Pass the Glad Wrap please”

They’ve still got bloody 1 & 2 pence coins going round

If you think the 5c coin is annoying, you know nothing of annoyance

You can’t buy a cold drink

If you want a bottle of drink from a shop, restaurant, café, or even the movies, you may have a hard time finding one that isn’t tepid. I think, since it’s so bloody cold over here, they don’t want cold drinks. Maybe that’s why they like tea so much?

Mushy peas are (unfortunately) very popular

Beware the mushy peas when ordering fish and chips

Fish finger sandwiches are (also unfortunately) very popular

Gross. Just gross.

It is acceptable to go for a drink after work every night of the week

Especially when you work in hospitality

Apparently the Australian pronunciation of “risotto” is hilarious

I’ve since started avoiding the word at all cost

“Skint” has now been added to my vocabulary

Skint = poor

Eg. “I can’t grab a cheeky Nandos, I’m skint”

Getting paid monthly is the norm

And it is an absolute killer!

I accidentally came to the rainiest town in the UK

Stupid Freya!

21oC means swimmers and sunscreen

The sun came out the other day and I actually ran to the window to look at it

Add “me” on the end of every sentence and you’re speaking like a true Manc.

Eg. “I love a cheeky Nandos me”


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