13 Women I Applaud

13 Women I Applaud


International Women’s Day is on Thursday and I’ve compiled a list of my favourite female celebrities! (I say celebrities because otherwise the list would go on for days with my Nan, mum, sisters, pseudo godmother etc.) 


Meryl Streep

I feel this one doesn’t need an explanation. What a Queen!


Julie Andrews

If I could be any person in the world, it would be Julie. Mary Poppins, Maria Von Trapp, the Queen of Genovia and Eliza Dolittle (on stage because apparently she wasn’t famous enough to play it in the movie… well she sure showed them). What a life!!


Lisa Wilkinson

The Australian Queen! I like to think everyone at The Today Show holds a minutes silence every morning for Lisa.



Margaret Pomeranz

My idol. I hold a minutes silence every morning for At The Movies.


David Stratton

I’m not even sorry I put a man on this list. Look at the way his eyes are saying “Yasss qweeeen” to Margaret.



The Queen

Literal Queen! This woman is fierce.


Agatha Christie

The fact that she “Gone Girl-ed” her husband makes her even more of an inspiration… a little cray, but it was hard times.

Also, honourable mention to Miss Marple. She kicks ass. But leave town if you see her coming.


Noni Hazelhurst

Australia’s Grandmother. The first queen to enter my life on Play School.


Helen Mirren

Words to live by Helen… words to live by.


Penny Wong

Yes Penny. Get em girl! A huge inspiration to young women everywhere.


Judi Dench

Thank me later…


Julia Gillard

No matter what you think of her, you have to admit this woman put up with A LOT of shit.


Molly Weasley

Probably the strongest fake lady I don’t know.


I know I said they weren’t included but shoutout to my mother, miss you every day, thanks for putting up with the relentless bullying and shoutout to my Nan, thanks for being my pen pal while I’m on the other side of the world.

And yes, I am aware that the majority of these people are older, sassy women form the UK.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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